Ways in which PSSap Insurance and Release of Super Differs from PSS/CSS Invalidity

Posted 28 November 2017 3:45pm

  1. In the PSS and CSS, the superannuation benefit is increased when a member claims invalidity and is part of the super benefit. In the PSSap, insurance is a separate payment and assessed separately from the release of any PSSap super benefit.
  2. PSSap members are covered for temporary loss of income due to illness or injury through Income Protection Insurance. CSS and PSS members don’t have temporary income protection but may have access to a Partial Invalidity Pension for permanent loss of income.
  3. PSSap members have a range of choices about their level of insurance cover, waiting periods and benefit periods through lifePlus Choice. PSS members have access to Additional Death and Invalidity Cover (ADIC) – ideal for members who may have joined later in life and have accrued less superannuation and want to top up their cover.
  4. PSSap members can sometimes choose whether to use their sick leave or claim Income Protection Insurance. They don’t need to have exhausted sick leave before making a claim. In the PSS and CSS, sick leave may reduce the amount of Partial Invalidity Pension or Pre-Assessment Payment they receive. This may also depend on your agency policy for the use of leave.
  5. The member is solely responsible for paying premiums for their PSSap insurance, and these are deducted from their super account balance. In the PSS and CSS, the employer funds the benefit through contributions paid each fortnight and, for PSS ADIC, pays half the standard premium for this additional insurance.
  6. In the PSS and CSS, the employer is generally intimately involved in the progress of a claim. In the PSSap, the member has to specifically authorise you, through a Third Party Authority, to be given information about a claim.
  7. As part of PSSap Income Protection Insurance, the insurer may cover the cost of rehabilitation programs for a period of time. The insurer rehabilitation team works in collaboration with the member, the employer and any other approved rehabilitation program provider in search of the best outcome for the member. In the PSS and CSS, rehabilitation is arranged solely by the member or their employer.
  8. In the PSS and CSS, an Invalidity Retirement Certificate is generally issued soon after an application by the employer. In the PSSap, there may be a period of up to 24 months (depending on the condition) before an IRC is issued, to see if rehabilitation efforts will be successful.

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