About us

This is your Employer Centre. It provides all the general information and tools you need to administrate superannuation for employees who are members of:

Your Employer Services

Employer Services manages this site. Our job is to assist government departments, agencies and approved authorities (our employers) through provision of administrative support and specialised superannuation services. Ultimately, we aim to make sense of your responsibilities, provide ease of administration and reduce your workload.

Employer Services can help you:

  • advise your employees who best to speak to about super
  • clarify your role and responsibilities
  • break through the complexity of administering superannuation for members of the CSS, PSS and PSSap superannuation schemes
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your arrangements
  • provide education and general advice services to you and your employees.

Employer Services – for CSS and PSS

Employer services, Pillar Administration – for PSSap