Insurance and invalidity

There are some important differences between insurance and invalidity arrangements between PSSap and PSS and CSS. 

  1. The PSSap draws a distinction between a claim on insurance due to illness or disability and a claim for superannuation due to total and permanent disability or a terminal illness.
  2. In PSS and CSS, both insurance and superannuation are paid as part of the superannuation benefit. In PSSap they are separate. The exception is for PSS members who may have optional Additional Death and Invalidity Cover (ADIC); this is also a separate payment.
  3. A claim for PSSap insurance is member driven. You may not necessarily be aware that a member has made a claim. A member has to choose to grant specific permission through a Third Party Authorisation to allow you to speak to us about their insurance.

Details about how to assist your employees with an insurance or invalidity claim are detailed below.

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Invalidity retirement

Guidelines for invalidity retirement have been updated (including pre-assessment payments (PAP), partial invalidity pension payment (PIP) and procedures).

This guide provides information about the invalidity retirement process for CSS and PSS members, including reference to the requirement for employers to notify us of specific circumstances relating to the affected member so that assessment of their entitlement to PAP or PIP can occur. All employers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the guidelines.

Information and calculators

Case managers and HR personnel can find invalidity information in

Calculators are also available:

Calculators provide a guide only; please verify all your results for accuracy.

Approved medical practitioners

If you are helping an employee apply for invalidity retirement, you are required by superannuation legislation to refer them for a medical examination by an approved medical practitioner (AMP). You may also use an AMP for partial invalidity pension applications and all other medical matters related to their super.

Approved medico-legal service providers are outlined below.

ProviderHow to book
Medilaw Ph: 1300 633 452
Red Health Ph: 07 3221 5154
Medico-Legal Reporting Services of Australia (MLRSA) Ph: 1300 465 772
Specialist Opinion Group (SOG) Ph: 02 9264 0734
AMLG Ph: 1300 554 361
eReports Ph: 1300 130 963
MedHealth Pty Ltd (MLCOA)

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PSSap members have access to insurance through lifePLUS cover. lifePLUS has two offerings: lifePLUS auto cover and lifePLUS choice cover.  

lifePLUS auto cover is the default insurance for new PSSap members. Most new members will receive lifePLUS auto cover on joining.  lifePLUS choice cover is an optional extra that allows members to customise insurance to suit their personal needs.

For more information, see lifePLUS.

Your role as the employer

To help your employees make the most of their cover, you need to:

  1. Ensure that new employees are reported via SuperStream as soon as possible
    Employees will need to make important decisions about their insurance coverage when they join.
  1. Report insurance salary in your regular SuperStream data and payments
    CSC will default to an APS1 salary if you do not report the insurance salary. This could mean that members are underinsured.
  1. Engage with CSC as early as possible
    If you have an employee who has a condition that could lead to invalidity retirement in the future you should contact as as soon as possible. We can assist to make sure there are no unnecessary delays and give your employee all the information they need.

    Through its insurer, we may be able to offer rehabilitation and wellness programs to help staff get back to work sooner.

    Do not wait for other processes, such as ComCare or outside rehabilitation efforts, to be completed before contacting us.

    Be aware that there is a 24 month qualification period before a person may be retired on invalidity grounds. This can be waived for certain conditions. During this time, every attempt will be made to help the member return to work.

More information on the features of our PSSap insurance is on the PSSap website.