Redundancy process


PSSap members can check their account balance online by logging into PSSap Member Online or by calling PSSap on 1300 725 171.



Follow the steps outlined below to initiate a redundancy process through the Employer Administration Centre for CSS and PSS members. Before a member is offered a redundancy, employers should determine whether they might be entitled to invalidity benefits instead. Read more about Redundancy offer or invalidity process.


1. Contact the CSS/PSS redundancy team

If your department is starting a redundancy process, contact the CSS/PSS redundancy team on

We will require the following information regarding your redundancy process:

  • time frame of expression of interest
  • number of staff targeted
  • expected employee exit date/s.


2. Commence a redundancy estimate request process

Use the Redundancy estimate request template [XLSX 12 KB] to request benefit estimates from the Employer Administration Centre. Email the completed spreadsheet to

Once received, we will contact you to notify you of the time frames for providing the estimates, including details of any that are manual calculations.

Estimates are generally provided within 4 to 5 business days and 10 to 15 business days for manually calculated estimates.


3. Distribution of completed estimates

Estimates will be provided to you or the member in accordance with your department’s request.

Note that in periods of high demand, we will send completed estimates back to you to distribute to your employees.


4. Confirmation of accepted offers

Provide with the following details for employees who have accepted a redundancy:

  • full name
  • AGS number.


5. Employee requirements

Employees who exit as a result of a redundancy will need to complete the below application form and submit it to their personnel section.

PSS - Redundancy [PDF 1 MB]

CSS - Redundancy [PDF 1011 KB]


6. Redundancy pack

These contain FAQs, factsheets and application forms in the one pack that you can give to your employees.

PSS redundancy pack [PDF 2 MB]

CSS redundancy pack [PDF 2 MB]


Further information


Redundancy seminars

To assist your agency and staff who are members of the PSS and CSS schemes and interested in redundancy information, CSC can provide scheme specific redundancy seminars for employees in your workplace.

If you would like to find out more about how we are able to assist members, email or phone 02 6272 9334.


At Work for You super seminars

CSC provides free scheme education seminars called At Work for You. We recommend that members attend a scheme seminar prior to attending a redundancy seminar to help them gain a better understanding of how their scheme operates.

At Work for You seminars can also be run in-house. If you would like more information or to book a seminar please email The content for in-house seminars is the same as the super seminars.


Contact us


Employer Service Desk: 1300 338 240

Financial planning assistance for employees

CSS, PSS and PSSap members can get personalised financial advice through CSC’s planning partner, Industry Fund Services (IFS). Once a member has a redundancy benefit estimate, they can make an appointment with a planner on 1300 277 777. Members can get more information about financial planning by going to

A number of the public sector employment agreements cover some of the costs for seeking financial advice. Refer to you department’s employer agreement for more information.