Rehabilitation services

PSSap rehabilitation services

For you as employers, employee absenteeism is a growing concern and can create considerable cost and resource burden with the need for training of new or existing staff.

From an employee perspective, when an employee becomes injured or ill, returning to work can be considered one of the best forms of treatment, but on top of that, returning to work not only restores income, but helps restore their identity and self-esteem.

Comcare currently provides rehabilitation services for your employees for injuries and illnesses that have occurred within the workplace.

However, analysis shows that since 2005, 71% of all PSSap total and permanent disability (TPD) claims occur due to accidents or events occurring outside of the workplace and outside of Comcare‘s ability to provide any rehabilitation services whatsoever. This is a significant number of employees potentially unable to access rehabilitation services that they need.

Breakdown of PSSap TPD claims since 2005

Breakdown of PSSap TPD claims since 2005

CSC have partnered with our insurer, AIA Australia, to offer PSSap members access to a dedicated rehabilitation team with a wealth of experience in returning injured workers back to meaningful employment. The AIA Australia rehabilitation team are one of the largest and most experienced within the life insurance industry and are committed to providing the support needed to ensure a productive vocational life. This team is also able to offer rehabilitation strategies to complement Comcare’s services

How the process works

In summary:

  • claim made (non-work related origin) – assessment of members circumstances
  • establish realistic return to work goals in conjunction with employee and employer
  • develop strategy to allow the member to return to work
  • monitoring and if necessary tailoring of return to work strategy.

The offering and timing of rehabilitation services will vary from employee to employee and will depend on their medical situation, work place arrangements and personal circumstances. However, rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach delivered by allied health professionals, that helps employees return to the workforce and can involve things like:

  • modification of work environments
  • work-related counselling
  • graded return-to-work programs
  • re-skilling or retraining
  • career advice and redirection.

Your role as an Employer

AIA’s focus is on returning the member to their previous job or another job based on their education, training and experience. Employers play an integral role in this process and effective rehabilitation cannot work unless the employer is receptive and plays their part.

As an employer you can provide:

  • Support and engagement with the rehabilitation specialist/ insurer
  • motivation and positive attitude towards the employee
  • access to meaningful employment and a productive vocational life.

More information

Employees who have already submitted a claim

Employees who have already submitted a claim should discuss their situation directly with their AIA claims assessor.

All of AIA claims assessors have been trained and are well versed in having that initial conversation with your employees, ensuring that their concerns are addressed and their specific needs acknowledged.

Employers of PSSap members

Employers wanting more information on how they can best support and assist their employees with their rehabilitation can contact:


More information on the services provided by ComCare is available on their website.